Desso: Making indoor air quality matter

Client: Desso

The brief

  • Support DESSO AirMaster® TV advertising campaign in the media
  • Build a thought leadership programme to position Desso as experts in indoor air quality
  • Highlight the technical aspects of the product


  • Increase awareness of health implications of fine dust indoors
  • Produce marketing assets to convey how the carpet reduces fine dust
  • Drive sales of innovative dust trapping carpet tile DESSO AirMaster®


Research and analysis. Establishing current level of awareness of the issue among target audience.
Partnerships. Brokering commercial agreement with Asthma UK and strategic link-up with the CIPD.
Survey. Taking the pulse from HR managers via Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) to create news hook.
Animation. Bringing facts and figures to life and promoting engagement via multiple channel


  • Drove 29% of Desso UK web traffic during campaign month
  • Strong year on year product sales increase
  • Half a million PR reach in commercial interiors and human resources media
  • 28 pieces of coverage in all tier 1 publications including 9 thought leadership pieces

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