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Hattrick, the Manchester-based content marketing agency with global reach.

We help businesses in the built environment convert their sales pitch into valuable content. By understanding your offering and target market, we help you find the conversations you can credibly 'own' and build engaging and useful content around these.

We make a measurable impact - across digital, PR and social media.

Our work.

All aspects of construction and technical B2B content marketing covered.

We know differentiation is an ongoing challenge for our clients in the construction sector, as well as wider industrial markets of a complex and often niche nature.

By creating and coordinating campaigns based on your customers' wants and needs, we make sure that your brand is front and centre when it matters. We encourage your prospects to ask for more; deeper insights, better know-how and more information about products and services. Then we make sure they can find it - just when they need it.

Our approach.

We always start with the end in mind; your business goals. What do you want to achieve? What are your challenges - and how do we measure success?

We map out the content your customers are interested in and where they go to find out more. Then, we help convert your sales pitch into interesting insights and answers to their questions.

Engaging the people who buy from you - and those who don’t, but will. Measuring what matters and making measuring matter.

Our approach


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