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Climate Cooldown

When going around in circles is good


The Climate Cooldown newsletter is a monthly roundup that focusses on positive business and marketing-related climate news, steering away from the doom and gloom.

Our last Climate Cooldown was all about ‘breaking the doom loop’, and we committed to watching less news.

Instead, we've subscribed to Positive News - and what a difference that’s made! Their weekly round-ups are always uplifting.

Speaking of loops, we've spent a lot of time exploring the circular economy for our clients lately. In doing this, we've got some great insights and tools to share with you.

Thomas bormans jbn Qmj12mog unsplash

Circular start-ups

Check out the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s circular start-ups directory with entrepreneurs from across the globe for inspiration - and collaboration.

These ambitious start-ups know that making the switch from linear to circular is great for business and the environment. In fact, according to research by the Green Alliance, organisations can improve returns by as much as 26% by going circular.

Now, that’s worth exploring!

Christophe dion 3 KA1 M16 Puo E unsplash

Sustainable steel

And, honing in on the built environment’s (huge) carbon footprint, the industry could save a whopping £40M every year by reusing steel; while saving over 250,000 tonnes of carbon. This according to a project led by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP).

Jw OF Drwle Ttd E unsplash

New resource from the UK Green Building Council

What’s more, the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has just announced the launch of their latest ‘Circular Built Environment Playbook’ which will be arriving next week.

Bud helisson kqguzgv Yrt M unsplash

Seeing is believing

From a comms perspective, Dutch glasses brand Ace & Tate are very generous when it comes to sharing what they’ve learnt along the way. Their latest responsibility report is packed with great insights on circular goal setting - from ‘elephants in the room’ to wins & fails along the way. Not to mention their bumpy journey to B Corp...

Hattrick shoot april23 0489

We're a B Corp!

Speaking of which, what’s really put a spring in our step is that we’re now a certified B Corp. That means that we’re very proud to be 'walking the talk'.

Austin distel va Opp86kf Q unsplash

What we've been reading & listening to this month:

  • Short read: 'What’s the road to becoming a B Corp?' The load-down on what’s involved and what it takes to become a B Corp.
  • Long read: ‘From what is to what if’ by Rob Hopkins - a book that'll have you smiling from ear to ear. It’s an inspirational and pragmatic read on how we can reimagine business and society with real life examples.
  • Great listen: 'Climate salon' - Dezeen’s shiny new podcast series on collaboration to reduce the environmental impact of building and designing.

Stay positive!



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