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Sustainable marketing

We’re a certified B Corp!!


That means that we’re officially and legally committed to being a ‘force for good’.

So, how do we square this with the commercial realities of running a business - at a time when that feels harder than ever? That’s exactly what we’ve battled with since the beginning of this journey.

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Doing good

Instinctively we knew that ‘doing good’ is - well, good - and something that we as a team wanted to do more of. That it would help motivate us beyond delivering for our clients and on the bottom line.

But mainly we wrangled with a load of questions:

  • Is this doable or some kind of utopian dream?
  • How will our clients react?
  • Will we have to turn the business into a social experiment?
  • How will it affect our profitability?
  • And - what does ‘doing good’ actually mean for us as a team anyway?
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Seeing the wood for the trees

As it turns out, we’ve been doing a lot of ‘B Corpy’ stuff instinctively since our inception over ten years ago. The formal assessment has helped us frame this better and given us a deeper understanding for how it all fits together.

"B Corp certification turns the ambiguous concepts of "going green" or "being a good corporate citizen" into something tangible and measurable that people can identify, trust, and support."

Download our impact report to learn more.

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Benefits for clients

The B Corp certification is a third party stamp of approval that Hattrick is:

  • A progressive agency - we are part of a small but growing network of organisations that are working together at the cutting edge of ‘doing business’
  • Goal driven - being part of the B Corp community gives us access to the latest and most meaningful business benchmarks. That allows us to measure real progress transparently
  • Walking the talk - the expectations on businesses are changing fast. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and deliver
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What it means for us

For us as a business, the process of becoming a B Corp has been transformational. It has given us the tools to formalise what we were doing already, given us strategic direction to move us forward and a roadmap to follow.

It has given us new found confidence and helped us grow up.

It has opened the door to a community of changemakers. Ambitious businesses that are reinventing how we buy and sell products and services.

Being a certified B Corp also makes it easier for us to recruit and retain ‘our kind of people’. Curious individuals who want to make a difference for clients - people and the planet.

It’s been quite a journey; and this is just the beginning.



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