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Net Zero Masterclass

Many sales & marketing teams are excited about the opportunities 'sustainability' brings, but concerned about savvy buyers and stricter legislation.

Our accredited Net Zero Masterclass demystifies the jargon and gives you the tools to stand out without greenwashing.

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"It's business critical to understand what’s happening to our climate and why. This course makes sense of it all; the science, the threats and opportunities - and it inspires action."

Scott Elliot, Chief Operating Officer, Hydrock

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Protect the brand & get ahead

Carbon Literacy training is for any business that wants to understand the opportunities in the green economy and the threats posed by climate change.

Carbon Literacy is becoming an obligatory supply chain requirement as part of the procurement process for many large organisations.

We run two programmes that are tailored to commercial teams and customer-facing roles.

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What will I learn?

  • The business opportunities and threats associated with climate change

  • What is climate change, a carbon footprint and offsetting; and why does it all matter?

  • What are the greenhouse gases, net zero & other key terminology?

  • What key commitments have been made; globally, nationally and locally?

  • What is greenwash/green hush and what does best practice look like?

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Key take-aways

  • A solid understanding of what is happening to our climate and why

  • Clarity & confidence around key sustainability terminology

  • A workplace based action plan

  • A digital toolkit with key elements from the course & further reading

  • A monthly insights-share for sales & marketing teams

  • A growing network of like-minded businesses and individuals

  • An ‘I’m Carbon Literate’ certificate and digital badge

UN Sustainability Goals 5

Endorsed by the UN

Our courses are accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project, a learning project endorsed by the United Nations.

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Interactive & practical

We run the courses over two half days with multimedia content, case studies and lots of breakout sessions.

Inhouse - face-to-face or via Zoom with one team tailored for your organisation.

Open courses - throughout the year via Zoom, usually 9am-12.30pm.

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"This is a great course for anyone looking to understand the opportunities and threats posed by climate change and how to take concrete steps towards a more sustainable future.

It's tailored specifically for commercial teams and I was impressed by the quality of the content, including case studies, multimedia materials, and practical breakout sessions."
James Berzins, Managing Director, TXGB
"I'd highly recommend The Carbon Literacy course to any business looking to address the climate crisis in a meaningful way.

It equips sales and marketing teams with the knowledge and tools to communicate effectively to protect the brand and stay ahead of the competition."
Ross Dight, Technical & Sustainability Director, Tarkett UK
"The course allowed us to discuss the common issues in marketing sustainable materials in a credible way.

The two half-day sessions allowed us, as like-minded marketing professionals, to get a gauge of the status quo and discuss the common issues in marketing sustainable building materials in a credible way.

I highly recommend it!"
Deborah Mauger, Communications Officer, ASBP

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