Fika & Gladiators

Like most teams, we’re battling with the current challenging situation; both practically and emotionally. However, our chosen remedies are perhaps slightly unconventional in the shape of virtual ‘Fika’ and a big dose of Gladiator determination.

Having settled in our new home office environments – with kids, pets, partners and varying vistas – we soon realised that what we missed the most in this new social distancing reality was the office chat. Or as we call it; ‘Fika’ (Swedish for a brew & a catch-up). 

Crop We Are In This Together

We resolved the desire ‘to talk’ with a daily virtual Fika, but recognising the scale of the current situation, we also decided to bring-in a professional coach to help boost our resilience; Wendy from Choose U

Tough times calls for tough measures and the former Gladiator contestant is helping us tackle this new world and the rollercoaster of feelings it brings head on. 

Displaying the ‘can-do’ attitude you’d expect from an assault course pro, Wendy is helping us discover how we can break negative thoughts, support each other through this and work together as a team – even when we’re not in the same space. 

Wendy’s top tips are: 

  1. Create a ‘new normal’ and stick to a routine in the week. Routine, makes us feel safe and gives us a purpose which we need to stay centred and feel good.
  2. Concentrate on what you can control and enjoy the now. Create an enjoyable, fun and fulfilling now, even in lockdown and limit exposure to the negative e.g. the news and what we can’t control.
  3. Stay connected at work and with your friends and family. Embrace the new virtual and social world.

As the media keeps reiterating, these are indeed ‘unprecedented’ times – but we will get through this, together. 

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