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Sustainable marketing

Giving the gift of ideas


We know that spending on yet more ‘stuff’ sits uncomfortably for many in our network.

So, when we stumbled across the nordic tradition of Jolabokaflod we simply had to share this indulgently, cosy concept.

Translated as ‘Christmas Book Flood’, our Icelandic friends celebrate Christmas Eve by getting stuck into a page turner and a whole load of chocolate! What’s not to buy into?!

Yep, we knew you’d love it too.

Hattrick Xmas 2022

That’s why, in the spirit of sharing ideas and taking a small stand against mass consumerism, we’ve compiled our top 10 reads for you to immerse yourself in during your festive downtime.

Whether you’re committed to getting more clued up on the climate crisis, working your way through the Booker Prize list, or escaping reality with something more lighthearted. It’s your leisure time, so lap it up. Hopefully there’s something here for everyone…

If you’re interested in investing more time in learning about the climate opportunity, check out our suggestions below.

Book The Climate Book

1. The Climate Book

The ‘all you need to know’ tomb on the climate emergency. Great graphics, simple explanations and lots of different perspectives.

Author: Greta Thunberg

Check it out

Book Breaking Boundaries

2. Breaking Boundaries

A broader perspective setting out the nine planetary boundaries and full scale of the emergency. Hugely inspiring take on the opportunities for innovation and leadership.

Author: Johan Rockström and Owen Gaffney

Check it out

Book Future We Choose

3. The Future we choose

The Stubborn Optimist's Guide to the Climate Crisis. This cautionary but optimistic book lays out the fate of humanity in 2050 determined by our actions today. From the people who led the historic Paris Agreement of 2015.

Author: Christiana Figueres and Tom Rovett-Carnac

Check it out

Book How Bad are Bananas

4. How bad are bananas?

An incredibly useful and fascinating guide to the carbon footprints of everything from an email to a transatlantic flight!

Author: Mike Berners-Lee

Check it out

Book Sustainable Marketing

5. Sustainable Marketing

The must read handbook on driving profits with purpose. It offers a strategic framework and practical tips, tools and advice on why it matters and what to do.

Author: Michelle Carvill, Gemma Butler and Geraint Evans

Check it out

If you’re desperately in need of some escapism, check out our suggestions below.

Book Christmas At The Beach Hut

6. Christmas at the Beach Hut

A feel-good, festive (highly relatable!) read about a Mum who feels very underappreciated.

Author: Veronica Henry

Check it out

Book Confessions

7. Confessions of a 40-something F**ck up

Just for laughs.

Author: Alexandra Potter

Check it out

Book All The Light

8. All the Light We Cannot See

Set during World War II, this is a beautiful novel to get swept away with.

Author: Anthony Doerr

Check it out

Book The Marriage Portrait

9. The Marriage Portrait

This New York Times Bestseller set in Renaissance Italy is inspired by a poem about a painting of a woman who actually lived.

Author: Maggie O’Farrell

Check it out

Book The Hunting Party

10. The Hunting Party

A thriller of a murder mystery set on New Year’s Eve - a tempting way to see in 2023!

Author: Lucy Foley

Check it out

Perhaps useful inspiration if you’re still in search of stocking fillers too, sites like World of Books are a great alternative to Amazon. You could also check out this ‘novel’ way of selecting the perfect match from KnuffelCo on Etsy.

Knuffel means ‘hug’ in Dutch and, similar to the idea behind Jolabokaflod, owner Nicola, picks, wraps and pairs your mystery read with a hot drink and snacks to enjoy, once you get stuck in. And don’t forget to have the chocolate to-hand for a fully immersive Icelandic experience!

Finally, we’d like to wish all our clients, collaborators and the Carbon Literacy collective a God Jul & Gott Nytt År.

Happy reading - here’s to achieving great things together in 2023.

Team Hattrick.



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