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Climate Cooldown

Break the doom loop


The Climate Cooldown newsletter is a monthly roundup that focusses on positive business and marketing-related climate news, steering away from the doom and gloom.

The past few weeks have been especially challenging as we grapple with the gravity of the latest IPCC report. Maintaining a positive outlook is tough, given the urgent need for action, posing significant challenges for everyone, including businesses.

In the words of Britain’s largest asset manager Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM):

"Never mind the expense of transitioning to a greener economy, the price of inaction is far higher."

Apocalypse fatigue

So, to stay positive - and keep reframing the narrative in business (if only for our own sake) - here’s Per Espen Stoknes excellent TED Talk on ‘apocalypse fatigue’.

He suggests using language to break down barriers – moving from ‘distance, doom, dissonance, denial and identity’ and to ‘social, simple, solution, story and signals’.

Pexels lukas 590022

Positive reframing

Speaking of positive reframing, this piece from McKinsey shows how businesses can go for growth - and tackle the climate crisis at the same time.

They’re estimating that net-zero offerings can generate somewhere between $9-12 trillion a year by 2030. Now, that's a good one for the next board meeting!

Charlesdeluvio FK81rxil U Xg unsplash

Consumer-driven change

Finally, here’s a real business using positive reframing and consumer-driven change: Charity.Super.Mkt – a group of charities taking over the old Top Shop store in north London’s Brent Cross shopping centre.

Matias north v8 DS Lo Y80 Xk unsplash

What we've been reading & listening to this month:

  • Short read: Going Japanese - using cities as treasure troves to tackle material recycling & reuse.
  • Long read: Marketing strategist Wim Vermeulen talks about the 'climate' brand opportunity, the credibility gap, and why we need to think like the Finns.
  • Great listen: Marketing guru Seth Godin discusses the convenience challenge, feeling socially uncomfortable, and transformational change on the 'Can Marketing Save the Planet' podcast.

Stay positive!



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