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Creative insights

Shining a light on creative poverty


This Christmas we’re collaborating with two social impact projects

Together we’re looking to inspire brighter futures and illuminate the important role social art projects play in showing young people a positive way forward under the banner #ArtisLight.

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Powerful poetry for bright futures
This will be brought to life in a powerful piece facilitated by Manchester Street Poem and unveiled at a Christmas fundraising event.

Our shared desire is to help young people see and meet their full potential, whether it’s using different mediums as a means of expression and to make sense of the world, or feeling empowered to pursue opportunities they may never have thought possible.

Making a material change

Make Bank
is a not-for-profit organisation giving all pupils the opportunity to pursue creative subjects – and futures. By giving applicants the equipment, materials and tools needed, the collective ensures resource is never a barrier to unlocking every student’s passion, talent and true potential.

Their goal is to put an end to creative poverty and work towards more diversity and inclusion in the sector.

Hard hitting messages
Manchester Street Poem is a charity working with the City’s marginalised communities – helping them to mitigate their lived experiences of homelessness, mental health and other scenarios often leading to social isolation.

Through workshops and thought provoking art installations the initiative gives its members a voice, while delivering hard-hitting messages to society.

High profile works include the Manchester International Festival (MIF), Media City’s ‘Box on the Docks’ and, most recently, an emotive storytelling compilation for Amal, the giant Syrian girl puppet, during her tour of the North West.

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