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Top 10 Instagram tips for businesses


Top 2022 social app

Instagram (and its Meta sibling, Facebook) are the two most-used social media apps again this year. Instagram alone attracts 2 billion monthly users.

Targeting the aesthetically driven architects & design community, Instagram is a critical platform for businesses in the built environment.

But, it can be hard to get it right, especially in a market as saturated as the construction and interiors sectors. To help, we have put together a list of key things to consider.

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1. Be clear, concise & consistent

Make sure that what you're sharing on Instagram is in-line with the rest of the content you’re putting out there. Mixed messages can lead to confusion about what you do or can do for them.

Make sure you have a clear messaging in place and that it informs everything from your picture caption to your website copy. That way wherever your content hits your audience, it looks and feels like it’s come from the same company.

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2. The devil is in the detail

Your target market is obsessed with the quality of the products they specify so make sure you show off every aspect of what you do.

If you’re a manufacturer, shoot a behind-the-scenes video of your making process. There’s nothing quite like seeing a product come to life with close up product and detail shots. Watch the likes roll in.

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3. Add a splash of colour

According to research by the Pantone Color Institute, the two most popular hues on Instagram are ‘Rose Dawn’ and ‘Ethereal Blue’. In the built environment, catching the audience’s wandering eye is difficult.

Therefore, choosing high quality, colourful images that are truly inspirational will help stop your followers in their tracks. Experimenting with your photography is also a good idea, to accentuate pops of colour, or try using filters.

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4. Demonstrate good ‘handling’ skills

It might sound obvious, but a concise user handle on Instagram that instantly informs people of your product or service is essential.

Following this up with a clear bio, profile image and a link to your website will set you off on the right path.

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5. Keep friends close & the competition closer

Check out what competitors are doing and who is engaging with their posts.

They are likely to be your target audience too, so giving them a follow and monitoring their content could bear some extra fruit for your business. Do the same with influential journalists and bloggers.

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6. #hashtag hashtags

When you’ve put so much effort into your content, you want to make sure people find it.

On Instagram, hashtags can help signal people to your posts. But, don’t overdo it.

Use around a maximum of 5-10 that are relevant to your business is an effective way to ensure your posts are viewed, and hopefully engaged with, by more people.

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7. Make sure your content lands

Linking a relevant landing page from your Instagram account is crucial in directing traffic back to your website.

Keep the ‘link in bio’ updated and consider using Linktree – a free tool that allows businesses to send visitors to a choice of locations on their website, getting around the ‘one link per profile’ rule.

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8. Plan & prepare

Pulling together a content calendar for your Instagram activity is likely to yield more positive results than rapidly fired-out posts that lack detail or direction.

Start by planning around case studies, new products and behind-the-scenes visuals. Then once you're up and running share user-generated posts to keep your followers happy and your feed fresh.

Don't forget to ask for permission before resharing someone else's content though!

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9. Give it a boost

Instagram adverts can be a very effective for making your followers’ journey to a landing page short and sweet.

Interestingly, the engagement rate for Instagram is 2.2%, compared to 0.22% on Facebook, so just a small monthly budget could give your campaign a cost-effective extra push.

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10. Use the tools available to you

Instagram provides free insight tools that make it easy to understand how your account is performing.

These insights, although fairly topline, can start to show whether your content is hitting the right notes, or if a change of direction is needed. Google Analytics is also a valuable tool when it comes to tracking referrals to your website, blog and landing pages.



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