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Sustainable Marketing

Going green: An introduction to sustainability for sales and marketing


Getting sure-footed with sustainability in sales and marketing

Sustainability has become a buzzword in sales and marketing. The race to ‘net zero’, circularity, and ever greener claims is on.

Here we give the lowdown on how to avoid (perhaps unwittingly) committing greenwash - something that many companies have very publicly fallen foul to in recent times.

Guiding principles

By partnering with The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto, team Hattrick stands by a very clear set of guiding principles.

Meaning that, as communicators, we’re less likely to trip up. But, most importantly, we’re invested in using our professional skills to contribute towards the greater good.

So, tapping into The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto, let’s share some pointers on how to start to feel more empowered as sales and marketers.

Learning about sustainability

Knowledge is power

With so many acronyms, interconnected issues and complex science, it’s no wonder sales and marketing teams struggle to unpick the complexity of it all at times.

Let it go
So, if you feel any sense of shame in not understanding the climate change conundrum yet, let it go. The most valuable thing you can do right now is invest time in learning.

To confidently and credibly leverage sustainability practices for competitive advantage, marketers must be absolutely assured of how environmental policy is translating beyond talking points, into tangible deliverables. And it starts by asking the right questions.

Then, acting the right way.

Blue arrow direction

Stand by your beliefs

Marketers too have a responsibility to make changes that lead to carbon reduction. Indeed, every single department has a part to play.

Signing up to The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto is a sure-footed step in the right direction, providing sales and marketing teams with a compass to keep their messaging on track.

Sustainable marketing committment

What is The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto?

The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto is an initiative spearheaded by the people behind the ‘Can Marketing Save the Planet?’ podcast and the book ‘Sustainable Marketing - how to drive profits with purpose’.

The manifesto invites marketing departments and agencies to use their line of work as a tool to affect genuine, meaningful change in the global effort to create a more sustainable future.

It maintains that by collectively playing to our strengths, we stand the best possible chance of reversing the effects of climate change and safeguarding the health of our planet. Together.

By aligning our efforts withThe Sustainable Marketer Manifesto, Hattrick is committed to the following guiding principles, as per our partner pledge.

1. Use our marketing skills as a force for good.

We are dedicated to acting responsibly and with full transparency through our messaging, communications, and actions. We are aware of our obligation to present organisations with clarity and work to ensure that we are never complicit in the practices of greenwashing or sharing the most attractive version of the truth.

2. Educate others about the climate crisis.

Use our position as influencers to educate businesses in the built environment about the importance of taking action. It is our responsibility to stay informed and up-to-date with the latest news and science to allow us to provide meaningful and innovative solutions.

3. Support businesses by highlighting areas for improvement.

We are committed to asking uncomfortable questions and call out actions and processes that are not environmentally friendly. We promise to scrutinise and challenge plans and communications that we feel fall outside of The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto.


It's gaining momentum...

A growing number of partners are helping to spread awareness about The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto by living, breathing, and shouting about its commitments.

Groups such as The Marketing Society, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), MarketingKind, The Carbon Literacy Project (CLT) are all participating in the movement. Together we're all embracing the ongoing journey of evolving our respective organisations to help tackle climate change.

Want to learn more?

Our Carbon Literacy training programme has been developed especially for sales and marketing professionals in the built environment who want to communicate with confidence about environmental issues, policies, and actions.

Find out more.


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