Tarkett & WORKLIFE: engaging the A&D community

The brief

Give Tarkett’s long-running campaign site, The Great Indoors, new life and longevity as an editorial platform championing workplace health and wellbeing.

No time to read? Watch this video and see the power of words and imagery in action. Welcome to WORKLIFE.


  • Reaffirm the global flooring company as an industry authority on workplace wellbeing
  • Develop an overarching theme to relaunch the existing platform to underpin wider business goals
  • Take a collaborative approach- engaging with relevant influencers to help build credibility with high profile contributors
  • Get buy-in from Tarkett’s local marketing teams, responsible for rolling out the campaign in their respective territories to widen The Great Indoors’ international reach


As well as arriving at a strategic proposition, Hattrick had to come up with a concept with creative mileage too. Targeted at a discerning design audience, we recognised that the thought leadership content had to combine the power of words and imagery.

Bringing the walls down on workplace

Through desk research we identified new dimensions around the ‘future of work’ debate that we could centre the Tarkett conversation around.

With this arena awash with tech talk, we decided to take a different – more human – tack. And it started with challenging ‘workplace’ as an outdated term of reference.

Workplace, after all, suggests that work takes place within the same four walls. For many, this is no longer true. There has long been a gradual blurring of our professional and personal lives; a trend often framed as trying to achieve worklife blend or balance. Both of which infer some degree of compromise or interference.

WORKLIFE as a stand-alone statement we felt is much more positive. Hattrick saw that by giving Tarkett the platform and tools to take ownership of a dialogue debating the design and specification implications of embracing this movement could fuel an exciting campaign – giving The Great Indoors new life for the planned relaunch.

Evidencing the WORKLIFE movement

Knowing that without additional context the WORKLIFE proposition would be too conceptual to build a campaign around, Hattrick worked with Tarkett on a series of initiatives that would not only evidence the WORKLIFE movement but give it tangible meaning for architects and designers:


Architects and designers attending a focus group to discuss the impact of ‘Worklife’

1. Quantitative research with OnePoll – 4,500 office workers across nine countries have been surveyed to-date (with more countries to follow). The statistics are shaping a series of reports, blog posts, infographics and social media assets to fuel and sign-post people to The Great Indoors platform

2. Qualitative research through focus groups with architects and designers, presenting the research findings and reflecting on what these insights mean for commercial interiors. These ‘live events’ have also helped create a raft of content including soundbites, videos, photography, illustrations and animations


  • The Great Indoors relaunched in October 2018 with 5 x credible guest contributors secured including futurologist Tom Cheesewright, design journalist, Katie Treggiden, trends forecaster, Caroline Till, the London Business School’s authority on sustainability, Ioannis Ioannou, and former Gensler partner Ankita Dwivedi
  • 24 x time-poor architects agreed to participate in the focus groups on the strength of WORKLIFE and the ensuing research
  • It helped establish new partnerships with top interior design magazines ELLE Decoration and Frame. The Dutch publishers of ELLE Decoration created the WORKLIFE Studio at Dutch Design Week and its Editor also agreed to be a guest contributor to The Great Indoors platform
  • The campaign continues to fuel the platform and a calendar of international industry events as the research is replicated in other territories – at the request of Tarkett’s local marketing leads

Go to The Great Indoors to see how the WORKLIFE proposition continues to play out

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