Who do you think you’re talking to?!

Got your attention? Stopping potential buyers in their intensely busy tracks isn’t easy.


Think of your top tier prospects. Not the sprawling database you struggle to keep updated. The five or so five star brands, clients or organisations that you’d give anything to bolster your portfolio. 

Now, imagine your ‘dragon’s den’ moment is here and you have a matter of minutes to win over your ideal customer. What is the one thing you would say to them: the killer line that you’re absolutely confident will seal the deal? 

If the first thing that comes to mind is centred solely on your offering then ‘I’m out’. Along with an unhealthy percentage of that sprawling database of contacts your sales and marketing efforts have been trying to build. 

Most B2B businesses have a tendency to push their products and services based on the offering – not the client outcome. They fail to get to how they resolve their prospect’s problems fast enough. 

In Hattrick’s newly launched Cirkulära publication we share insights and tools to help you understand what your customers really, really want and need for them (not your product/service/solution) to make an impact. Whether it’s hard fiscal results or more emotional triggers, taking the time to determine these true drivers will ultimately make it easier to sell. After all, we’re only human and relevancy and empathy will win-out over features and benefits every time. 

To stay relevant and stand out in the competitive ‘sea of sameness’ that exists in most categories, you need to understand who is buying from you, why and how. But getting to the heart of who you’re dealing with, what they’re dealing with and – importantly – how you can make it easy for them to deal with you, takes some unravelling. Here we show you how.

In this first edition we share with you:

  • How to address your single biggest sales challenge 
  • Tools for mapping your audiences pains and gains 
  • A case study that shows the power of understanding your audience needs 

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