We’re Nominated for Prolific North’s Content Team of the Year!

Following a year of change in 2018 and all the hard work that comes with being brave we’re proud it’s paid off with the Prolific North Awards recognising Hattrick as a contender in its ‘Content Team of the Year’ category.

And, boy, what a year it’s been.

With one stress-inducing office move, an intense three-month stint on The Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses (GS10K) programme and the launch of our Apprentice scheme it’s been full on to say the least. But what all this has brought about is fresh perspective. An ability to see things differently. A trait that’s embedded in everything Hattrick: hence our ‘Seek beyond the obvious’ slogan.

This instinct to explore alternative perspectives comes from our ‘Sweden meets Manchester’ foundations. Owners, Swedish national, Malin, and proud Northerner, Karen, created this mash-up we affectionately term ‘Swedenchester’: channelling the hard-work and grit of the UK’s industrial powerhouse, plus the creativity and collaboration of Scandinavia. And being a curious, learning organisation we’ve never stopped exploring since we opened our doors as a PR agency in 2011.

Google was our first client. Imagine that! This dramatically changed the course of the agency – catapulting us into the digital arena from ‘day one’. Then we took on the Google Squared programme. But this was nothing on MD Malin graduating Goldman Sachs (accurately described as completing a marathon in a sprint!). Through this, Hattrick came to the realisation that we needed to switch from a broad B2B offering and go after growth in the ‘built environment’ and more niche, technical markets. And with this strategic shift came:

  • A new office and a brand refresh to reflect a new direction of travel. Our location (near MediaCity) also helps to attract a bigger talent pool
  • Restructuring of the team to play to individuals’ strengths
  • Investment in training – a huge 20% of the budget!
  • Evolving the design & visual content offering. After all, Hattrick no longer works only with words!
  • ‘Walking the walk’ building a thought leadership position – including an internal, certified training academy, plus an independent research arm

Fundamentally, while this new approach is still a ‘work in progress’, we’re incredibly proud of our journey and hope to be recognised on the 23rd May with a team award that appreciates a content team of distinction with undeniable drive.

Wish us luck!

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