Get Roaring. Not Boring.

The marketeer’s definition of insanity

We commissioned in-depth interviews with twelve senior client-side marketeers working primarily within construction. They told us of an overriding feeling of being stuck in a rut, doing the same things over and over again. In essence, the marketeer’s definition of insanity. 

This triggered a central thought at Hattrick HQ – let’s stop ‘boring’ in its tracks.

Welcome to the Roaring Boring 20s

Knowing that – as we enter the next decade – our clients and prospects are determined to find an alternative, more progressive path we set out to showcase what a roaring 2020s might look like and how to get there. 

“It feels like we’re doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We have pinpointed four key challenges to tackle the things that are inadvertently taking marketing heads, sales directors and owner managers in an all too familiar and disjointed direction.

Four key challenges are:

  1. Differentiation. Scrambling around for real USPs in me-too markets. 
  2. The churn. The unforgiving pressure to churn out high volumes of ‘stuff’, because the organisation believes that more ‘stuff’ = more leads.
  3. Being reactive. The constant churn is reinforcing a reactive way of working – further fuelled by the age-old disconnect between sales & marketing.
  4. Catch-all/engage nobody approach. The customer isn’t front and centre and many organisations don’t seem to know what their customers need from them.

So, how can you tackle these and introduce a way of working that leads to less churn and higher quality leads? We believe it’s all in the planning.

That’s why we’ve devised The Roaring Boring 20s series – a three part, step-by-step marketing planning guide.

“We really want everything to hang off one strategy so we’re not overlapping efforts.”

It walks you through a carefully-staged, three month process. It outlines everything you need to consider to deliver a year of stand-out activity. 

Part I is all about data and insights gathering. Providing practical tips on setting the most fruitful foundations for your planning work. Download it here

Or, you can fast-track your way through the three-month planning process and download the full suite of guides now.

Find focus – fast

If you find that you need some support along the way, Hattrick’s Labb can help you shape the planning process in convert with your internal team (or agency). 

“Our customer research study completely changed the internal mindset about what they thought our customers wanted.”

Rachael Crowe, Head of Insight, Hattrick

We take a customer journey driven approach that ensures every output serves a clear purpose. With a pragmatic planning process, we only consider big ticket ‘shiny new things’ such as AI and VR when it’s called for. Not for the sake of it.

Unlike most planning processes, we help you find focus – fast. What’s not to like?

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