Giving your business a face

Content Marketing Executive Morgan Brooks from Manchester content marketing agency Hattrick explains why businesses should be getting camera ready.

For brands, video has become just as important, if not more, than press coverage. Studies show that after watching a video, consumers are 64% more likely to purchase a product, 65% of executives visit a website and 39% go on to pick up the phone and make an enquiry [1]. Even more impressive, video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

Sure these are impressive numbers, but why should B2B businesses add video into their content marketing mix?

Will you engage with me?
Video allows you to tell stories in a far more natural and engaging way than blocks of text on a computer screen or on a page. This allows you to get a more emotional response from audiences and bring your brand to life (and increase sales, of course). John Lewis’ tear-jerking Christmas campaigns are a great example of this, and have ensured the retailer’s market supremacy.

Video is easy to consume and allows you to tell a story concisely – what might have been a super long blog becomes an easily digestible video. This clip from Barclays is a perfect example – it tells a story in an engaging way, through interviews with senior company figures, and by the end the watcher knows all about the bank’s values and builds trust. All businesses should have something similar on their ‘About Us’ website tab.

Show off!
With video, you can clearly visualise your points, or prove that something does exactly what it should do.

Case studies have long been a pillar of the B2B content marketing mix, and video is a powerful way to bolster the pillar. Ask your client for a video testimonial (which can also be transcribed at a later date for written content). If a potential customer sees previous customers raving about your product or services, it will build a level of trustworthiness and authenticity that the written mode just can’t attain.

Where’s your humanity?
Similarly, video marketing is an excellent means of adding a human touch to your brand, something that B2B businesses often struggle with.

If you want to talk about a product, get your expert to make a ‘How to’ video; want to raise awareness of an industry challenge or company development? Conduct an interview and stick the footage online, showing that there really are humans behind the brand and people do actually use your products and services.

Here’s a great example from Slack; not only does it serve as a case study (with testimonials from the real-life users), it also clearly explains what Slack is, what it is used for and why. By featuring people who use the service, it becomes instantly more relatable to other businesses. Its authenticity could not be matched by any other means at a marketer’s disposal.

Everywhere we now look online is flooded with video content: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, business websites, news websites, the list goes on and on. Video marketing is certainly the new king on content, and B2B shouldn’t be allowing B2C marketers to have all the fun.

[1] Source.

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