The Brave New World: A Digital First Built Environment

Image of skyscrapers

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has accelerated global digital transformation – in many cases out of necessity rather than choice. Digitalisation has taken place on a global scale, with consumer and business digital adoption leaping forward five years in the space of around eight weeks.

Even in construction, which is usually considered to be a traditional industry, lockdown saw the rollout of new technology in 66% of companies. What’s more, the vast majority of respondents – 94% – reported an improvement in ways of working as a result.

This socially-distanced world is a digital-first one. The widespread adoption of new technologies offers a significant opportunity to sales and marketing teams in the built environment. 

B2B buyers spend two thirds of their time doing online research before wanting to speak to a sales person. 

With events and exhibitions off the table for the foreseeable, and customers increasingly self-guiding through the marketing funnel, having the right digital content in place delivers information to customers who need it, when they need it. So that when they contact the sales team, they’re ready to buy.

Our latest e-book, Deliver Sales Today & Plan for Tomorrow, offers sales and marketing teams the tools they need to improve conversions in a digital world while making the most out of a reduced budget. 
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