Sleep + Eat 2019: Top 5 most Instagrammable stands

The Sleep + Eat event may have closed its doors for another year, but for the exhibiting brands the show isn’t over. 

Those with a solid marketing calendar will have no doubt tied their stand’s design into an overarching narrative, mirrored across all of their channels. While many will have created their exhibit with content squarely in mind, capturing photography and video to roll-out over the coming months.  

With our content marketing hats firmly on, we’ve trawled Instagram in search of the top most Instagrammable stands at Sleep + Eat. We’ve paid particular attention to those built with more than just two days in mind…here are five of the best.


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Designer and manufacturer of sophisticated wallcoverings, Arte, exhibited a magnificent array of textures and soft pastel hues on its Sleep + Eat stand. As well as being visually stimulating, the products invited visitors to touch, appealing to more than just one of the senses. 

Now the exhibition is over, close-up images such as the below lend themselves perfectly to Instagram’s love of detail and moodboards, ensuring longevity for the captured content.   


An ever-popular feature of the Sleep + Eat show are the sets. And this particular Sleep Set by Twenty2degrees celebrates the exhibition’s theme ‘Social Flexibility’, allowing guests to use the space however they like. The clash of vibrant colours, artistic feature wall and contemporary wood detailing appeals to a range of emotions. So whether relaxing, working or dancing, the interior suits an entire spectrum of activity. 

If there’s one thing architects and designers are, it’s curious. And as a platform, Instagram can help feed that creative appetite. Therefore room set photography, such as this taken at the show, is an excellent way of elevating products from abstract to easily visualised. 


Always bang on trend, Vitra pulled out another showstopper for its Sleep + Eat presence, embracing the wellness trend beautifully. Setting dark cabinetry against gleaming white ceramic and a neutral backdrop, this bathroom set was born to be an Instagram post.  

Working as well IRL as it does online, a simple snap and crop of the shot translates the set-up perfectly for a social audience – allowing a smooth transition from exhibition stand to post-show content with no additional work involved. As a result, the image has been shared by visitors across Instagram, in search of visually appealing content for their feeds. 


Lighting can sometimes feel quite out of place at a design show because its full effect can’t be conveyed with so much background visual ‘noise’. So it was refreshing to see Quasar’s installation, featuring glass apples and set against a black backdrop. It succeeded in creating stand-out amongst a great many other exhibitors. 

Because of the decision to layer the delicate fruit designs onto a dark background, the resulting photography also conveys its visual qualities. Instagram loves art, and this feels as much an installation as a product shot – perfect for opening out the brand’s narrative in a way that creatively promotes what they do. 

Roger Lewis

Offering visitors the opportunity to take a load off in the show’s Upstairs Gallery, Roger Lewis exhibited its Kyoto and Onyar ranges, featuring unparalleled comfort. Having written a lot around merging spaces, this year’s Sleep + Eat theme reflected the brand’s own views on changing hospitality, workplace and residential interiors. Therefore, the exhibition provided the perfect opportunity to showcase these trends in practice. 

Now that the show’s closed its doors, the photography of Roger Lewis’ set-up adds another dimension to its Personal Sanctuaries campaign, which explores how comfort supports all types of social interaction. Sleep + Eat served as living proof of this. 

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