Our story

Hattrick is an outward looking B2B content marketing agency with international reach based in Manchester, UK.

A great mash-up between Nordic and Northern values, we believe in the power of the team and collaboration – coupled with a big dose of industrious grit and friendliness.  

We have an unwavering focus on results and understand the particular challenges faced by businesses in the built environment, technical and engineering sectors. Working closely with both sales and marketing teams, we help our clients give their customers the information they need – when they need it. 

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Our values

Seek beyond the obvious
We see the world differently. We’re inquisitive and delve deeper to make clients stand out. Borne out of our curiosity and unique cultural melting pot we offer a fresh perspective. Another angle.

Engage people
People sit at the heart of everything we do; our clients’ customers or prospects, our joint and extended team – in fact, everyone we need to communicate with. We make sure we understand their needs and wants to make an impression. Every time.

Work together
We’re collaborators and work with our client and their team to shape the activity. We embrace differences and encourage everyone to pursue their passion and particular expertise; to learn more, develop further and share for the benefit of all. The team.

Score goals
We are single-minded about success. Working together, everything we do boils down to delivering value; making a measurable impact and meeting the objectives set. On time and on budget.

Make an impact
We’re committed to giving back. We use our expertise and skills to make a difference – every day. Developing apprentices, mentoring staff and guiding clients to help them thrive. Supporting initiatives for a greater good.

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