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Thought leadership sits at the heart of strategic content marketing and a well-researched, persuasive industry report is one of the most powerful ways to start building towards it.

The Hattrick team is well-versed in producing such reports having researched and created in-depth white papers tackling everything from ‘oxidation catalysts in the paint manufacturing sector’ to ‘automation in the wide format printing industry’ and ‘demand-side-response schemes in the energy market’. While poles apart in terms of the themes and audiences, they all address and explore industry issues and offer workable solutions – driving insights and encouraging debate on pressing topics.

Well written and original papers will undoubtedly support your sales efforts. However, they need to add value to the audience – offer a fresh perspective and a different dimension. This is not a company brochure or a blatant sales pitch; it has to offer insight – and have the statistics and data to back-up any claims. That said, to maximise the return on investment, the problem you’re addressing should be one that your company can solve – or affect – with its offerings.

Valuable content can also be converted into valuable data – where full access to your findings are traded for prospects’ contact details. However, there is a balance to be struck here as ‘gated’ content that demands an exchange of information for full access, inevitably reduces your reach as some people will be reluctant to share their details.

An industry report will also allow your organisation to take charge of its content flow. By breaking it down into bite-size topical chunks, a heavy-weight paper can provide content fodder for your business channels for 12-18 months – removing the constant ‘what-on-earth-to-post’ challenge. It will give you a bank of topics to explore across the whole marketing spectrum – from speaking opportunities and features in industry magazines to blogs and LinkedIn articles.

  • Research and identify key industry topics
  • Create original research
  • Carve the copy into content chunks
  • Produce and deliver trackable outreach programmes

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