Effective Email Marketing.

Boost open rates and close more deals.

Email has the power to convert your contact list into a profit pipeline. It’s quick, cost-effective and frequently delivers the highest conversion rates of any channel. But it’s also easy to get lost in the spam folder or lose a potential customer in one click. A good email begs to be opened – a better one gets read. The best rack up click-throughs, replies and revenue.

So, how do you get your audience to take note and take action? It’s part science and part art. 

An effective email campaign is clear on what it needs to deliver. Do we need to make them smile – or sit-up and listen? How can we measure success; sign-ups, click-throughs, downloads…? Regardless, the campaign needs to be targeted, relevant and contextual. In other words, it’s crafted for what your audience is thinking or doing now – or what they’d like to do. 

Then, we tackle the subject line. Or rather, multiple subject lines tested to maximise open rates. Then comes high impact, responsive design with punchy body copy. We entertain and entice the recipient towards a dedicated landing page optimised for conversion.

It’s how we convince prospects to part with their cash and take your prefered path. 

  • Newsletters, sales promotions, account based marketing
  • Campaign management and reporting
  • Segmentation and distribution
  • Design, digital, copywriting
  • Ensuring GDPR compliance

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