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The world of podcasts is expanding, 18% of UK adults now listen to podcasts each week, and these numbers are rising every year. Recognising the untapped potential that this platform offers, we helped our client, Johnson Tiles, step into this new realm as part of their 120th anniversary celebrations.

Newly launched, the Design Re:Source podcast, hosted by Natalie Silverman, explores the theme of what it means to be resourceful in British architecture and design today. In each episode, a new guest from within the creative community shares their views and experiences, shining a light on how the industry has evolved and reflecting on what they have learnt throughout the pandemic and their careers.

Kicking off the podcast series, bespoke furniture designer Sandy Buchanan talks about his passion for sustainable timber, building sustainably, and the importance of community to build a purpose-driven business. From furniture design through to interior design, Nina Woodcroft joined the second episode, discussing how her experience working abroad and her strong network of freelancers and friends has shaped her work and helped her navigate the past 18 months. 

Kate Hills, founder of Make it British, shares her passion for making in the UK and how she has devoted the last 10 years to promoting British brands and local manufacturing. Finally, Kirsty Thomas, designer and founder of Tom Pigeon and co-founder of Make Bank reveals the creative poverty and barriers that prevent disadvantaged young people from pursuing a creative education and career and how the Make Bank social project is working to change that. 

For architects and designers looking for an insightful podcast, the four guests provide an entertaining and educational glimpse into the lives of designers, with each guest’s unique experience broadening the scope of the podcast series. 

For Johnson Tiles, connecting with their existing audience and attracting new listeners provides an exciting opportunity as the business continues to grow. As for results, the metrics speak for themselves. Achieving over 150 downloads in its first month, the Design Re:Source podcast sits amongst several top-performing podcasts and demonstrates the appetite for this type of content. 

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