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Labb is our research and insights arm that ensures we deliver content marketing strategies that set you apart. This is becausewe seek beyond the obvious.

Exploring your industry – and beyond – we help you join the dots to bring big picture thinking together with the granular detail to truly understand your business and your customer base.

Our unique perspective allows us to identify the sweet spot between what your customers want and need – and what you offer. We help you build a story that speaks their language at every stage of the B2B buyer journey.

This approach helps elevate your content into much more than tactical PR, social and events.

Content Marketing Awards
Our ‘Worklife’ campaign created in labb is nominated for a prestigious international award.

Our discoveries help fuel business growth. Turning data and information into meaningful insights that underpin everything you do:

  • Investing in understanding who you’re speaking to – we support your business in becoming truly customer-centric. Using qualitative and quantitative methodologies we uncover: what issues do they face? How can we help overcome their challenges?
    What can we say that will help drive brand discovery?

  • Acting as your brand’s ‘eyes and ears’ – we set about uncovering the insights we need to help you become a useful and inspiring industry resource. Then distill these insights down into a distinct set of messages

  • Exploring your world and beyond – we scour the landscape to understand where your greatest engagement opportunities lie. From trend spotting through to potential content collaborations, we see your world through different eyes. Determining where and how you can make the most impact

“Worklife has not only brought The Great Indoors back to life, it’s allowed us to show the impact of a centrally-led thought leadership campaign being delivered at a local level.

The strength of Worklife and the level of insight it’s continuing to deliver the segment is phenomenal. Hattrick’s thorough approach gave us something exceptionally robust to work with that has really resonated with our hardest to reach audiences.”

Anette Timmer, Director of Workplace EMEA, Tarkett

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