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Recently, we invited university student, Lucy Fisher, to join us on our content team for a couple of weeks. Below she shares what she got up to at Hattrick and her thoughts on the importance of work experience.

University student Lucy Fisher in the Hattrick office.

Preparing to enter the world of work is scary and daunting. Being in my final year of university has made me realise that life is getting more serious and I’m at the age where people ask me (and I ask myself) – ‘what do I want to do with my life?’. And I’m expected to know the answer!

Going from high school to college and then straight through to university, I’ve had little experience of the ‘real’ working world. I’ve enjoyed studying Multimedia Journalism though, and it made me realise that public relations/ marketing is a career path I wanted to explore.

Having learnt about PR and looking into it myself, I had a strong feeling that was what I wanted to do. However, after a little thought, I recognised that I didn’t know enough about the industry to commit wholeheartedly. I hadn’t a clue what the day-to-day schedule would be, I had no idea what daily tasks are involved in the job and I wasn’t aware of the different aspects of the industry either.

When the opportunity arose to join the Hattrick team for some work experience I took it up and completed two weeks with them on the content team.  

Walking into Hattrick you can tell that the office is a creative space; the décor is very contemporary with huge wooden desks, there is a stylish kitchen/ dining area and a sleek meeting room. The Scandi wood and array of plants complement the Manchester industrial look and feel.

One thing I was extremely grateful for here at Hattrick was the time they took out of their day to speak to me. Laura, the content manager, sat down with me (over a cup of tea, of course) and told me all about Hattrick: she explained what they do, who their clients are and what the typical day looks like. It may sound strange, but it is something not many companies take the time to do.

Being at Hattrick has taught me a lot about content marketing and how the role of PR and marketing has evolved. During my time, everyone who works here spoke to me about their job role and what they do. From digital marketing and content management to finance, I was given insight into all aspects of the profession. This was particularly interesting to me as there are a lot of traditional perceptions of ‘PR’ which no longer ring true. It is not just about calling journalists and getting coverage: PR is just one tiny piece of the content marketing mix.

Sitting with the content team meant I had their on-hand guidance and help with all of my tasks. It began with research into events and magazine feature articles. A particular task that I enjoyed was spotting trends from recent design shows and, based on my findings, writing a blog for Hattrick and one for a client. The work I was given was enjoyable to complete as I knew it was useful and it felt good to be doing something that would have an impact.

Getting the chance to sit-in on certain meetings and workshops during my time here was also useful. It gave me the chance to gain a real insight into the industry and see how the client/ agency relationship works. It felt like we were more like consultants, than just content creators.

I was treated as part of the team at Hattrick, with everyone in the office being so lovely and welcoming. The friendly atmosphere was echoed by their Friday afternoon’s FIKA, a perfect nod to their Swedish roots and culture. FIKA consists of an afternoon natter over a cup of tea and cake – yes, it’s just as lovely as it sounds!

My time spent at Hattrick wasn’t about making cups of tea for everyone or photocopying documents all day – I spent my work experience involved in daily tasks, learning about the profession and also having fun! I could input my thoughts and ideas and if there was an area of particular interest that I had, they would accommodate that.  I’m so grateful for my experience of content marketing and would urge anyone who was in the same position as me to take up some work experience and get out there!

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