Five tips to using LinkedIn for Business

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In 2019, LinkedIn surpassed the 650M user mark, with over 28 million of those from the UK. The rise of LinkedIn is not to be sniffed at, particularly in B2B marketing, given that 93% of B2B marketers consider the platform to be the most effective for lead generation content. Want to find out how you can use this to your advantage? Here are five tips for how your business can benefit from LinkedIn.

1. State not who you are, but what you do 

Ensure that your company page isn’t filled with boring, cold facts about your organisation. Your company page is the core of your LinkedIn presence, and should be used as a device for conversion. Using the top two lines of your profile description to their full potential is vital. If you can squeeze in your target audience, value proposition, and the product/service you provide, you’re off to a good start. Adding a header image that represents your company brand and values will also help to set the tone from the offset.

2. Create ‘Showcase Pages’ 

Showcase pages are a feature provided by LinkedIn that enable a business to go beyond its company page, and promote specific projects or campaigns it is affiliated with. This could be sub-brands, partners, events or company initiatives you support.  LinkedIn Showcase pages are an effective way of segmenting the traffic on your LinkedIn company page to enhance the user experience, while building a deeper understanding of your organisation. 

3. Make your move

Browsing LinkedIn for sales leads can sometimes feel like an awkward dance, not knowing whether or not you’re making the right moves. Thanks to LinkedIn’s advanced search capabilities, you can ‘salsa’ with the decision makers you wish to target. LinkedIn’s advanced search feature can be used to cluster together several potential targets. For example, if you are a manufacturer of office furniture in Manchester, advanced search can formulate a list of architecture and design decision makers in the workplace sector – leaving you with a tidy list of targets for more personalised marketing. 

4. Join groups 

Unlike most social media platforms, LinkedIn is populated with designated professional ‘groups’, some with over 2 million members. These groups could be anything from ‘B2B Content Marketing’ (what we do) to whatever your company’s specialism is. These groups are filled with industry experts and therefore produce a large pool of people to target with your content. LinkedIn only allows you to be a member of 50 groups, however, so choose wisely. More importantly, share useful information – don’t sell before you’ve made strong connections.

5. Share rich and engaging content

Nobody likes to view content from an organisation that is churned out in corporate-speak and lacks substance; it just doesn’t resonate. People prefer to be connected with on a more personal level. A human level. 

Finding the perfect recipe for rich and engaging content requires some trial and error. Experiment with your posts and use LinkedIn analytics to work out which kinds of posts generate the best engagement from your target audience. It might be that you need a mix of content; from thought leadership articles, blogs, videos, motivational posts, team news etc. Once you’ve found the winning formula, you can build an engaged LinkedIn community, serving them the content they enjoy the most.

Now is your time to get “linked in” 

Shake up your social media marketing strategy, and harness the power of LinkedIn to improve your B2B communications and ultimately, sales. To find out more on how to put all of this into place, contact us today for an informal chat.

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