Five must-follow design movers & shakers

In the built environment, 2019 has been a year of progress. From ‘biomaterials’ hitting the mainstream, to sustainability taking centre stage, great leaps have been taken to pave the way for a decade-defining 2020.

But, being in a trend-led industry can often mean it’s difficult to keep track of what’s what and who’s who when new designers and products are emerging all the time. So, to help, we’ve compiled a list of the top innovators on our radar. Those who we feel will offer something truly unique to the sector in the year ahead. Without further ado, here are our must-follow design movers & shakers for 2020…

Atticus Durnell, That’s Caffeine

The brainchild of That’s Caffeine, Atticus Durnell is an award-winning industrial design and maker with an impressive set of talents – and even more impressive hair.

After graduating from Rochester’s University for Creative Arts in 2018, he launched his start-up, That’s Caffeine – a range of surface products made from recycled coffee grounds. Handmade in London, the material looks and feels like granite stone, but is completely biodegradable.

His aim is to achieve global impact on energy and waste reduction. In support of this, Atticus is undertaking a Master’s Degree in Biodesign at London’s Central Saint Martins. A true material innovator.

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That’s Caffeine can even extend to creating tiles for home interiors, countertop fittings, and even roofing. This new material would, therefore, have a notable global impact on waste reduction, with the potential to replace many concrete and aggregate-based materials. That’s Caffeine will turn this problem into an opportunity. For more info about the material heads to the link in the bio or to the @thatscaffeine That’s Caffeine is coming to London Craft Week, @gfsmithpapers Store 8-12 May 2019 @newdesigners One Year In Week 2 3-6 July 2019 #industrial #industrialdesign #design #productdesign #product #designdaily #process #sketchbook #artist #designer #diy #cgartist #3dart #freelance #freelancer #circulardesignchallenge #core77 #comingtond19 #coffee #coffeeaddict #caffeine #nowyprodukt #designwanted #feature #magazine #oyi #oneyearin #thatscaffeine #nd19 #comingtond

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Carolyn Raff, An Ocean Full of Opportunities

A research project dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for the textile and fashion industries, An Ocean Full of Opportunities is Carolyn Raff’s investigation into the beneficial properties of algae.

Agar is an algae-based gelatin substitute and is used in many of her experiments. It is completely biodegradable and can be produced in many different shades, structures and finishes.

The dye Carolyn uses is also natural and mainly uses algae-based colours including astaxanthin and phycocyanin. The finished sequin-like material is beautiful and environmentally sound. What’s not to like?

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Fernando Laposse, Totomoxtle

If you visited the London Design Fair in September you’ll likely recognise Fernando as one of the most popular exhibitors. The Mexican product and material designers’ work focuses on transforming humble materials into “refined design pieces”.

His Totomoxtle project has garnered a great deal of mainstream traction over the past few months, and for good reason. The new veneer material is made with husks of heirloom Mexican corn, which range from deep purples, to soft creams, showcasing a wealth of diversity in the native corn of Mexico.

But, the project goes far beyond simply aesthetics. Totomoxtle focuses on regenerating traditional agricultural practices in Mexico, and creating a new craft that generates income for impoverished farmers and promotes the preservation of biodiversity for future food security.

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Super happy to present a new table of naturally colourful Tototmoxtle! The pattern is all hand cut heirloom Mexican corn husk marquetry laminated on recycled aluminium. This piece is a commission for a very special exhibition : Design Transfigured, Waste Reimagined @delacruzartgu curated by @curatorsquared and set design by @dutch_invertuals photo by yours truly. Show is open to the public until 2020 so make sure to check it out if you are in Washington. Big thanks to marquetry specialist for all her hard work helping me make this. . . . . . . . . . . #handmade #naturalmaterials #nowaste #marquetry #totomoxtle #cornhuskmarquetry #naturalfibers #organicfarming #collectibledesign #mexicandesign #designermaker #ecofriendly #plantbased #naturalcolor

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Gavin Stanley Keightley, Gasket Design

Mixed materials designer Gavin Stanley Keightley is rapidly making waves with his unique pieces inspired by natural erosion. Terraform comprises a collection of cabinets and stools crafted from Jesmonite. Each piece includes components made using food moulds, from couscous to sliced bread. And the resulting products are texturally rich and utterly individual.

With Jesmonite having been the surface graduate’s material of choice for a number of years now, it’s refreshing to see something different come from a design staple. Expect big things from Gavin.

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Pink & Black The legs on this stool are individually made in moulds formed from layers and layers of sliced bread. Each leg took about 70 layers of bread to form, you can count the ridges like the rings of a tree. One of the best textures from this series of work. These legs are paired with a completely different texture on the stool top. Made by casting into a mold made from puffed wheat cereal mixed with marshmallow binder. This stool had to be pink on top, what else would suit a marshmallow mould more than fluorescent pink. #jesmonite #stool #furnituredesign #terraform #whitebread #toastie #puffedwheat #marshmallow #designresearch #materialexploration #designprocess #contemporarycraft #alien #designermaker #sweet #taceindhoven #casting #ddw2019 #eatme #tasty #vegan #fooddesign #exhibitiontime #bespoke #colourdesign

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Katie Gillies, terrazzo designs

Katie Gillies is by no means a new kid on the block, but her success has very much prevailed. The undeniable queen of terrazzo, Katie has brought a combination of dreamy pastels and industrial concrete to the masses through her tiles, and extremely popular tile making workshops.

Material Lab has long been a supporter of Katie Gillies, and as the contemporary surface covering grows in popularity, so too does Katie’s work. We’re looking forward to what comes next. No doubt it will be heavenly.

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