The Green Building Package: Finding Your Sustainability Sweet Spot

In the latest of a series of Government packages to help rebuild the UK’s economy post-COVID, Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently set out a £3bn green investment plan to help cut emissions, create jobs and improve energy efficiency.

The announcement comes against the backdrop of calls for a ‘green recovery’, which would put decarbonisation and net-zero targets at the heart of Government economic stimuli.

Sustainability has long been a key trend for the built environment. The Chancellor’s £3bn programme represents a significant opportunity for businesses to supercharge their sales and marketing. 

Those who are able to support green building and infrastructure, boost energy productivity and accelerate decarbonisation in particular have the perfect chance to find their ‘sweet spot’ – the area they can credibly own and offer fresh insight on to stand out to potential customers and add real value.  

But paying lip service to sustainability isn’t enough. Sales and marketing teams in the built environment must ensure they add to the discussion – not the noise. 

Want to know how to find your sweet spot and avoid the ‘sea of sameness’? Our latest e-book, Deliver Sales Today & Plan for Tomorrow, helps sales and marketing teams find focus to steam ahead following Government investment in the built environment and infrastructure.  

Offering tips to finding your sweet spot, a roadmap for digital-first marketing and tools to help put your customer at the heart of your activity, Deliver Sales Today & Plan for Tomorrow can help your business tune-in and roll out in a brave new world.

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