Content that converts

Fabrik is our content and outreach engine. This is where we convert your sales pitch into engaging content to drive much more than click-throughs. Download for more.

Using the insights gathered in our Labb, the Fabrik team puts together the right balance of useful and inspirational content to make an impact. We help you deliver the right message, at the time across the most appropriate channels.

Always carefully planned, optimised and constantly monitored, measured and managed to meet your targets.

This is content marketing.

Converting your sales pitch into engaging content, including:

  • Thought leadership reports
  • Webinars & presentations
  • Videos & animations
  • Editorial content for media
  • FAQs
  • Tech and product spec sheets
  • Web copy (on and off-page content)
  • Case studies

Taking your content
to market:

  • Email & DM
  • Social media (paid and organic)
  • PR and thought leadership
  • Events
  • Advertising
  • Re-targeting
  • SEO
  • PPC

“Over the past twelve months Hattrick has supported us in achieving our sales target of 25 million litres of Shell GTL Fuel sold in the UK. The strategic content campaign they have delivered has reached customers at multiple stages of the customer journey from educating, informing, persuading and specific sales support.

“Their insight-driven approach has meant they’ve not only worked with our team to understand the product and customer need, they’ve collaborated with our customers, supply-chain partners and industry bodies to create content that really meets the needs of the market positioning Certas Energy as credible thought leaders and champions of a cleaner fuel for cleaner air.”

Niki Holt, Head of Commercial Marketing at Certas Energy

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