Personality profiling in international content marketing

Putting the right agency and client-side people on an account is crucial for campaign success. And I’m not necessarily talking the most experienced, most digitally savvy, most creative – though of course all those attributes matter – what it ultimately comes down is that our people, ‘click’ with your people.

This doesn’t mean you need to be the best of friends. But you do need to be well matched or at least demonstrate complementary professional personalities to stand a chance of getting anything off the ground – let alone your relationship.

As an international content marketing agency we’re especially aware of the delicate balancing act that is account servicing. Dealing with different cultures adds another dimension to the client-agency ‘match making’ challenge.

So, we called in our trusted advisor, Andrew Thomas at The Green Field consultancy, to understand how to profile our team and extended client-side teams. If we can truly understand what makes us all tick, then we’re in a much stronger position to move forward together, right?

Andrew opened our eyes to the DISC profiling model – and that’s when the penny dropped…

She is D, dominance

She is I, influence

She is S, steadiness

She is C, conscientiousness

She is Ohhhh…so, that’s the secret to being an A-grade account handler. No, not speaking in acronyms, but being aware of how we operate, so that we can operate differently when it’s required.

Some people are process driven and pour over detail. Others are fast-paced and prepared to let the detail work out itself. The premise is that though we may crossover on certain traits, one personality type will always be more dominant than the others. By knowing where we camp, we can work out who we naturally work well with and how we need to ‘modify’ to really make it work with others. A ‘D’, for example, would find it difficult to operate with an ‘S’. For D, S’ steadiness could be a constant source of frustration. For S, D could seem cold and overpowering. There are positive elements in all areas and, similarly, traits that could be off-putting for some personalities.

Creating the right kind of explosive client chemistry relies on playing to people’s strengths and making the right pairings, so that your international content marketing efforts don’t simply get lost in translation.


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