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Here at Hattrick we are deeply passionate about people; they sit at the very core of what we do, both when it comes to working with our clients to establish the most meaningful relationships with their audiences, and within our office and extended team here at home.

In our eyes, people make the world go around, and it’s around the world we want to go.

It’s this collaborative spirit that fuels us most, and what excites and drives us to  operate as leaders in content marketing on a global scale. And it’s the magic of people that allows us to continue doing what we do best, which is seeking beyond the obvious to draw out the very best part of our clients and their stories in order to deliver measurable and successful results.

Hattrick is made up of a dedicated delivery team who ensure that these values translate through our client projects every single time, in order to achieve the very best results for our clients and building them the strongest relationships possible with their audiences.

Over the next few weeks, we want to share with you the different roles that make up our innovative squad of content marketeers here at Hattrick. We are proud to say that the value we place on people, their development, fulfilment, and wellbeing, truly does drive our operation end-to-end, and is what makes us leaders in content marketing on an international scale.

This week, our focus is on our Community Manager role; the executor of content across client channels and all round digital-virtuoso.

Content marketing team - community manager

Community Manager; the job description broken down…

Perhaps the best way to describe one of the main functions of this role is, is to think about it like making sushi… rolls to be specific. Yes, you did read that right.

In case you weren’t aware, traditional sushi rolls are created by making one really large roll of rice and filling, before chopping it up into what you likely see put on your plate at the end; smaller individual rolls that still have that delicious and impactful flavour, but in a more manageable and digestible bite. Yum.

This is one of the key things our Community Managers do; they take that big hero piece of client content, usually crafted by our team of specialist writers, and chop it up into smaller versions of itself, carefully edited and curated to sit across different platforms and essentially be more easily digested in shorter amounts of time. Formally this is known as short-form content, but we really enjoy explaining it like sushi.

And while no one day is ever the same here at Hattrick – our clients rightfully keep us on our toes because their customers keep them on theirs – we have created below an indicative break down of a day in the life of a Hattrick Community Manager;

Typical day: Friday


  • Arrive at office.
  • Make all important coffee for self and other coffee addicts in team (tea for those who’ve escaped the addiction).
  • Catch up on internal and client emails.
  • Review to-do list for the day.


  • Internal meeting regarding current client project.
    • With team, review project progress this week and outlook for next week. Discuss any challenges or positive points that may have occurred that week and create actions list in response.


Pull together progress update/evaluation for client off the back of the meeting, detailing social metrics and analytics from week’s activity. This is standard practice as one of our end-of-week round ups, of which we tailor for each of our clients. It keeps our clients happy and our heads in check. Win-win.

  • Share draft evaluation with Client Lead for approval before being sent out to client.


Everyone’s favourite topic at all times, whether it be 8am or 5pm the day before, we are all thinking about what’s for lunch, particularly with the nearby cafe and canteen with their bizarrely gourmet offerings, or under the notion that there are several talented cooks in our midsts here at Hattrick…it tends to be quite exciting. Hey, it’s the small things in life.


  • Reading and review time of hero content for a current client project, shared by our specialist content writers.
  • First draft creation of blog post and newsletter, broken down from hero content piece.
  • Send on to client lead for approval.
  • Draft social announcements in alignment with blog post for client, again to be sent for approval before scheduling in to client’s social calendar.


  • FIKA – So remember earlier when we said that lunch is everyones favourite topic here at the office… well, this is only challenged on Fridays when FIKA happens. Again everyone’s favourite conversational topic at any given time or day during the week.  FIKA is one of the nods to our Swedish roots and culture; coffee, cake, and a natter… apart from our passion for people and content, it’s truly the fuel to our fire here and we are dead proud about it.


A final review of to-do list from the week, before updating ahead of next week so it’s ready for return on Monday morning.

So, in a nutshell, that’s what our Community Managers can get up to in the wonderful world of Hattrick. And, as with every single member of our Hattrick team, they play an integral part in delivering the very best to and for our clients.

Are you team Hattrick?

We are very proud to be different, and never looking for people who fit a particular mould. We’re building a team of smart individuals who embrace change, love a challenge, are pioneers of content marketing, and have an insatiable appetite for learning and developing.

Do you want to thrive individually and believe passionately in the magic of collaboration? If this sounds like you and this sounds like the sort of role you’d love to know more about, then let us know!

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