CMA webinar: Planning for a digital future

Last week we were kindly invited to take part in the Content Marketing Association’s (CMA) Learning Webinar Series. Hattrick’s contribution to the programme was a two-parter showing businesses how to conduct a factory reset of their best laid marketing plans. 

Part one, delivered by our Head of Insights, Rachael Crowe, tackles ‘How to find focus fast: Planning for a digital by default future’. You can watch it on-demand here:

The session is framed from the perspective that, just as this unsettling period offers a chance for personal reflection, businesses too have the opportunity to take stock a little. To be more human.

A preoccupation with data acquisition is seeing organisations lose sight of the fact that profiling is all about people. Statistics help us to spot patterns of behaviours but they don’t allow us to understand why these behaviours are occurring. 

An important starting point is adopting a subtle shift in mindset. Instead of thinking ‘who is our target audience’, think ‘who are we trying to help?’ Staying true to this sentiment and planning with purpose will help sales and marketing teams find focus fast in these most unprecedented of times. 

Watch to find out how to forge a way forward that will win the hearts, minds and, eventually, budgets of an understandably bewildered but cautiously optimistic customer base.

Part two of this CMA Webinar Series: ‘Getting your content engine into gear. Shifting into digital delivery mode’ is also now available to watch on the CMA website here.

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