Brighter futures in the making

Last week we held our first storytelling workshop with three inspirational young people participating in our ‘Art is Light’ initiative. The collaboration with Manchester Street Poem and Make Bank centres on giving all young people the same opportunities to  benefit from being brilliantly creative. 

Simon Leroux – Manchester Street Poem’s project leader – facilitated the session, encouraging the group to share their own experiences of how artistic expression has helped them to make sense of the world. Simon has been working with marginalised communities across the City since 2017 when, with the backing of Underworld’s Karl Hyde and Rick Smith, the charity was conceived giving Manchester’s homeless a voice.

The community has since created a series of impactful pieces featured in Manchester International Festival (MIF), MediaCity’s ‘Box on the Docks’ and most recently the emotive bedtime stories compilation for Amal the giant Syrian girl puppet. Each interpretation takes on a striking monochrome style that sends a powerful message to society.

Our festive ‘Art is Light’ installation and fundraising event is in support of the amazing work Simon and the team do to help disengaged young people see and meet their full potential. Using the opportunity to capture what art is to them the piece will bring together lived experiences of homelessness, mental health issues and social isolation. The large-scale street art exhibition will be unveiled on Monday 13th December when our three storytellers will share their works to encourage other young people to unlock their untapped creative talents. 

Make Bank’s Kirsty Thomas also took part in the workshop. The founder of design brand Tom Pigeon and social arts project, Make Bank, Kirsty is passionate about making creative career paths more accessible. Her initiative equips pupils with the tools they need to take on creative subjects with confidence – ensuring lack of resource is never a barrier. 

Make Bank will reproduce elements of the ‘Art is Light’ piece into postcard prints for sale at the event with the proceeds going direct to Manchester Street Poem.

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