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Sustainable Marketing

How Hattrick is helping to #FlipTheScript


How can businesses support the fight against climate change this #Act4SDGs week?

Yesterday, 21st September 2022, international leaders participated in a roundtable on climate action coinciding with the 77th Session of the UN’s General Assembly. Described as a critical moment in history, the theme centred on transformative solutions to the interlocking challenges encompassed by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The event was also hosted during the intergovernmental organisation’s #Act4SDGs week (16-25 September) - an initiative designed to send a message of solidarity in support of working towards those goals.

Centred around the concept of ‘flipping the script’, the movement is all about empowering people to take charge of the climate change situation by seeing things differently. It’s a visual celebration of the global action already being taken on the ground to help turn things around.

Tying into the UN’s headline theme, this week also marked Hattrick concluding its first fully accredited Carbon Literacy course. By empowering businesses in the built environment through education that inspires action, we’re leveraging our sector specialism to help professionals operating in one of the heaviest carbon contributing industries to #FlipTheScript and call for complete transparency.

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Turning talk into action

Working specifically with sales and marketers, Hattrick’s two-part programme is designed to improve climate change knowledge - helping teams become more confident in talking about their organisation’s sustainability claims.

What’s more, because the course requires participants to each make a personal and professional pledge in support of carbon reduction, the emphasis is on translating talk into tangible action. Showing delegates how they can make a difference through advocacy in the workplace by passing on their knowledge and encouraging others to embark on their own Carbon Literacy journey.

Flip The Script thinking says Humanity will end the climate crisis in our lifetime

Flipping the script

The training starts by tackling any sense of shame, overwhelm, confusion, or cynicism among the cohort.

Acknowledging that unpicking the complexity of it all is hard and, actually, kind of harrowing. But through education and a willingness to embrace change, we can all stall the undeniable damage we’re doing. Not least by ‘spreading joy not doom’ to galvanise more people into taking real action.

That’s why this #Act4SDGs week is all about flipping a negative concept into a positive one. For example, rather than saying: “The climate crisis will end humanity in our lifetime”, #FlipTheScript thinking says: “Humanity will end the climate crisis in our lifetime.”

Hattrick Carbon Training Social3

Be part of it

The UN is inviting individuals, organisations and communities to help spread the word with a social takeover stunt. At 17.00 on the 25th September you can be a part of #FlipTheScript by sharing photos and videos of you and your teams taking a negative statement and turning it on its head.

The UN has a raft of ready-made resources to help you effortlessly make a visual declaration that, together, we stand by the SDGs. It also offers an opportunity to showcase the individual and collective commitments we’re all making in the name of progress. Find out more about the UN’s Global #Act4SGDs week by visiting

Ready to #FlipTheScript?
Book onto an upcoming Carbon Literacy course for sales and marketers in the built environment here.


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