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Sustainable marketing

Climate Conversations with Katie Treggiden


Welcome to Hattrick’s Net Zero ‘talking heads’ series - Climate Conversations.

In this conversation we sat down with Sustainability Journalist and Author, Katie Treggiden.

Katie is a purpose-driven writer championing a circular approach to design – because Planet Earth needs better stories. With 20 years’ experience in the creative industries, she regularly contributes to publications such as The Guardian, Viewpoint Magazine, Crafts Magazine, Dezeen and Design Milk.

This mini-series is a place for you to take inspiration from others on the same journey. So sit back, take solace and take stock. The power lies in listening, learning & collaborating.

Climate Conversations Katie Treggiden Square

Q1. What are your top tips for businesses to be more sustainable?

"I think it is about data. You can’t really make genuine, meaningful changes until you understand where you are. So understanding how to calculate your carbon footprint, for example, will let you know where the quick wins are and the more longer term challenges."

Climate Conversations Katie Treggiden Square

Q2. What will it take to mobilise real change?

"The wonderful book ‘The Future We Choose’ lays out the three mindsets we need to address the climate crisis and the most important is ‘Stubborn Optimism’.

This mindset is not about naive hope, it’s not about just believing but not doing anything. It is about getting up everyday and believing that we can do something."

Climate Conversations Katie Treggiden Square

Q3. Have you faced any uncomfortable truths on your sustainability journey?

"Flying - I try to do much longer trips now to ensure I never just fly in and out for a conference, instead I will try to explore the destination and make more connections.

This trip I am on at the moment has included three flights but I am speaking at five events. Does the change I am going to inspire in those one thousand people counterbalance the carbon footprint of the flights? And I think that’s what I always have in my mind, what is the trade off."

Climate Conversations Katie Treggiden Square

Q4. What are you most proud of on your sustainability journey?

"Probably something unexpected actually, and I think that’s been accepting, embracing and going public about my own imperfections when it comes to sustainability. I’m not perfect, and the sustainability movement doesn’t need a few people doing this perfectly, it needs all of us trying and failing and trying again."



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