Another epic #CDW event? Nine pointers for measuring 2019 post-show success

Which activities drew people in – got them engaged on social and generated media interest?

The #CDW 10th birthday celebrations are done. The team has just about recovered from a week’s stint out of the office. But was it all worth it? The excitement of this high energy design event aside, what were the tangible outcomes of the time, resources and creativity poured into pulling it off? And how should brands in the built environment measure post-show success?

Metrics matter, of course, but capturing those golden opportunities that don’t necessarily fill the pipeline, but feed into it, are equally as important. Perhaps this year’s activities have paved the way for future collaborations that will pay off further down the line, for example.

Here are nine pointers to help 2019’s participating organisations meaningfully evaluate a one-of-a-kind event where ‘stage’ presence (be that your showroom or installation) is as much a defining factor as the state of the sales pipeline.

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Did you deliver at CDW 2019? And what did it deliver you?

Here’s a checklist:

  1. Visitors to the stand – not just numbers, but who they are. Their contact details are gold dust – follow-up – interest through to conversion. Don’t forget to engage with them – and thank them for coming to see you. A well-timed e-shot could be a trigger for further engagement.
  2. Attendance at your talks or event – how did it compare with sign-ups? How many repeat visitors do you have from last year? And the year before that?
  3. Engagement in the showroom, on your stand or at the installation. How visible were you in amongst the general CDW ‘chatter’? Were people talking about you and if so what were they saying? How does this compare to previous years – or to your competitors?
  4. Media and influencer interest – did you get your top tier contacts successfully engaged pre, during and post-show? Did this translate into press coverage, future editorial opportunities or shareable content? Remember it’s as much about relationship building as column inches!
  5. Which activities drew people in – got them engaged on social and generated media interest? And what was most memorable of your CDW efforts – what will people keep talking about (for the right reasons)?
  6. Lessons learned – what didn’t work? What are the activities that you should remove from the programme next year? Any planning issues that were overlooked?
  7. Opportunity spotting – did you see something that worked well for another exhibitor that you’d like to try and implement at a future event? How could you use it even more effectively? But, crucially, can you use it effectively? Avoid doing anything just for the sake of it. Think through whether it’s a genuine opportunity or a costly distraction.  
  8. Keeping the conversation going – what do you have that could extend the campaign? How can you build on the theme to make sure you maximise the content at your disposal? Research shows that we need to be exposed to a message at least seven times before it sticks – don’t be tempted to cut the shelf-life of your CDW content prematurely short, just because your team is done with it!
  9. Future collaborations – did you see any brands or personalities of interest? Do you have similar values, are there parallels in your back story, could you complement each other creatively and commercially? The company you keep can be a powerful differentiator.

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